Questions and Answers

Commissions and Fees

We pay 100% on all sales transactions with only a $350 fee (or 10% if that is lower than $350). On rentals, Kale pays brokers 80% with a $15 transaction fee. We have a $199 annual errors and omissions fee and a monthly fee of $54. That's it!

How Can You Afford to Pay 100%?

Quite simply - volume. We now have over 650 Kale agents, many of which have come over from other firms where they were only earning 50-80% commission. We are thrilled when a new or existing real estate agent chooses Kale! We welcome part-time and full-time brokers.

Any Desk Fees?

While we have a monthly fee of $54, there is no additional fees to use any of our offices, which are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please use our conferences rooms, desks, printers, internet, and all other resources!


Yes! We believe that because each broker has unique goals, experiences and needs, training should be one-on-one. We work around your schedule and our team will meet with you as often as you'd like at no additional charge. We're here to help you grow your business!

What About E-Signature?

Kale provides a DotLoop account and complimentary e-signature services to our brokers at no additional cost. Go paperless and sign and share documents with the other broker, the attorneys and the clients!

Custom Broker Website and Email Marketer

All Kale broker receive a personalized custom website that has an MLS search for your visitors. There's a back-end CMS where you can manage your leads and use drip email marketing, and much more!

Coaching Options?

Kale Realty has a full coaching staff ready to assist you in your business plan. Our coaches and trainers will meet with you one-on-one and provide all training from client sourcing and through every step of a transaction. Let our experienced staff help you!

What About Support?

Support is perhaps the most important thing we offer brokers. We have a team of eight whose job it is to make sure that they are available when you have questions. We answer the phone live - no leaving a message and waiting to hear back!

What Don't You Provide?

Since we pay nearly 100% on sales, there are a few items we simply can't provide. Business cards (you can purchase for $15 or make your own with our logos). For Sale Signs (we recommend Oakley who charges less than $35 per sign and they install it for you and also remove when the home sells). Color brochures and mailers (we have printing providers that can do this for you, should you request it.)

How Quickly Do You Pay Commissions?

Kale pays brokers within three business days on sales and rental transactions. Gone are the days of dropping off a closing check at the office. Most Kale brokers go to any Chase branch and hand the Kale commission to their tellers. This immediately deposits in our account. We then transfer the commission to the bank of your choice.

What About Leads?

Kale receives buyer and seller leads each day, however, research shows that non-referral leads only close at a rate of about 5%. We will never be able to generate enough leads to effectively grow your business. Let us help you strategize to expand your marketing efforts with your sphere of influence. That's the best predictor of future business!

Kale History

A member of the Kale family has been involved in real estate since 1951. In 2007, Sol Kale's grandson Nick became our owner and continued the principles that his grandfather held important. The city of Chicago recently honored the memory of Sol with "Sol Kale Way" at Jefferson Avenue in the South Loop.

When Was Kale Founded?

Kale Realty a property management company from 1951 through 2006. In 2007 Nick decided to add brokers and convert into a full-service brokerage firm. Now, in our third-generation of family-owners, we are proud to continue the tradition of excellent service and support.

Production Requirements?

At Kale we're honored that brokers choose to work here. As such, we would never institute production requirements. Each broker has their own unique goals and we support you no matter whether you're a top producer, a new agent or a part-time broker.

I Don't Live Near Your Offices - Is That a Problem?

Not at all! You're never required to be at our offices, although they're always open for you. You don't even have to drop off checks or paperwork. We want to make your life easier, so everything can be done remotely!

Required Floor Time?

We do not require that brokers attend office meetings, trainings, or spend time in the office. While our offices are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you are never required to use them. You don't even have to come in to drop off paperwork or closing checks!

The Key to Real Estate Success?

Studies confirm that 70%+ of all buyers and sellers choose their broker from someone they already know. We believe that it's our responsibility at Kale to assist brokers in expanding their existing networking and marketing efforts. Let us help you build a plan to work exclusively by referral.

Are Desks Available?

Yes! We have open desks at our Lincoln Park, and Bridgeport locations. Remember that these offices are open for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Use the conference rooms, printers, etc. - as much as you'd like!

Questions to Ask When Interviewing Other Firms

If you're currently looking at various firms to see which would be the best fit, we have a few suggestions. Ask how long the office has been in business. Talk to some of their brokers to make sure commissions are paid on time. Find out what training and support options are available. Lastly, make sure you know ALL the fees and what the commission split is!