Is it Time for Realtors® to Get a Smart Watch?

Apple WatchWith all the recent publicity surrounding smart watches lately, it is a growing trend that many believe will be the next mainstream mobile device. In fact, the smart watch market is expected to grow significantly over the next few years. Also, it was recently reported that Swiss watch makers are in the process of developing a smart watch. And since many real estate agents and brokers already have a smart phone, a smart watch just may be the ultimate productivity companion and real estate coach.

Although a smart watch can do much of the same as a smart phone, it was primarily developed to be more of an accessory device rather than a stand-alone replacement.

Clearly some of the advantages a smart watch has are its small size which makes it ideal for monitoring and tracking daily activities such as appointments, tasks and other events without having to reach for the smart phone. For instance, if a real estate agent is busy showing property or meeting with a client, the smart watch discreetly alerts the agent when there is a new voicemail or email message.

Apple Watch

With twenty different models in three collections for a casual, sporty or elegant appearance, there is an Apple Watch for every taste. With features like a lightweight polished anodized aluminum case, Retina display and 50-millisecond accuracy when synced regularly, this rugged timepiece was definitely built to stand the test of time. The innovative Digital Crown technology makes navigation effortless without getting in the way of the display.

There is also an Activity app that uses built-in sensors to provide detailed health and fitness information as you go about your daily routine and workouts. Of course, you can send messages, read emails and answer calls directly from the watch. And a number of innovative apps including Apple Pay to pay for retail purchases, Passbook for electronic airline boarding passes, turn-by-turn maps and more are easily accessible directly from the watch.

Requires an iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 8.2+.

Price: $349 and up.

Asus Zenwatch

Asus Zenwatch

photo credit: TechStage via photopin (license)

The Asus Zenwatch is a handsome timepiece that syncs with Android smart phones. It sports a Corning® Gorilla® glass display, leather strap and a selection of interchangeable watch faces to create a unique appearance. The Asus ZenUI app includes a schedule manager enabling users to stay on time and keep track of appointments, birthdays, anniversaries and other events.

It is also possible to read messages and return phone calls directly from the watch and there are a couple of other cool features worth mentioning. First, Remote Camera is a handy feature for composing and capturing smart phone images right from the wrist watch. Second, Presentation Control is great when delivering presentations in front of an audience. Users can move through the slide presentation and keep track of time simultaneously directly from the watch.

Finally, built-in health monitoring sensors sync up with the Wellness Manager for tracking personal fitness goals throughout the day. There are plenty of other productivity and health and fitness apps that can be downloaded from Google Play as well.

Requires an Android smart phone running v4.3+.

Price: $199.00.


photo credit: P4177063 via photopin (license)