What Real Estate Company Has the Lowest Commission?

I’m going to keep this post simple and sweet. Your time is valuable! So, let’s dive in and answer the question above in the title…

What real estate company has the lowest commission?

Quite frankly – almost all of ’em!

To prove this point, all you have to do is look up five brokerage firms websites. Go there and find the “Join our firm!” sections and click on them. As you go through notice how most (if not all) do NOT list the fees or commissions associated with being a real estate agent at that firm.

Why do you think they conveniently omit this CRITICAL INFORMATION?

Because they’re not stupid, that’s why! If they published the truth about their fees and commission split, it would drive a lot of potential brokers away.

The truth is that most brokerage firms pay abysmally low commissions. Like 50-70%. That’s way too low (in our opinion)!

I’ve written about this topic before and have a short article you should read that will help you find a firm that pays you what you’re actually worth. If you’re lucky enough to live in a larger city, you can likely find a 100% firm (like Kale Realty, the one I work at). These firms charge a small transaction fee regardless of the size of the deal. So, if you close a 500k home, instead of giving up 50% of the commission, you only give up $325.

I built a handy calculator that shows you the difference between a “traditional split” and a “transactional fee structure.” Click here to try it out!

If you live in a smaller city, it’s a bit tougher. Personally I wouldn’t work at a firm that took any more than 10% of my commission (assuming a 100% firm isn’t in the area). Even 10% is pushing it. The best answer I have is to ask brokers in the area who pays the highest rates AND provides top level support and training.

Good luck! Don’t get ripped off by greedy managing brokers! You’re worth more. I believe in you! 🙂