4 Simple Steps to Selling Real Estate Listings Faster

Writing an appealing description is one of the keys to selling real estate listings fasterWrite a listing description that sells

It is important to keep in mind that real estate listings are often the first time a potential buyer will interact with a property. So when describing the home or condo in a listing, don’t make it just about beds, baths and square footage. Make the listing more appealing to potential buyers by describing the best features as unique selling points of the property.

For example, a sample listing that highlights the best selling points of a small older home may include something along the lines of a cozy kitchen with authentic wood floors and energy efficient appliances, a quaint yard with room for a garden and walking distance to award-winning schools, for example. Generally, the most appealing listings generate the most interest.

Stage the home to sell

Studies have shown that staged homes sell faster and at a higher price. That’s because when a home is in move-in ready condition it is easier to create an emotional connection with a potential buyer. Here is another way to look at it: When you are meeting a client or going out to dinner, you are going to make sure you look your best. Right? The same goes for selling property. Homes that look their best make a better first impression with potential buyers that will be previewing the home online, during an open house or a private tour.

If it is not within the budget to stage a home, help the homeowner clean and de-clutter the home to make it look as presentable as possible to potential buyers.

Take great pictures

Many potential buyers will decide whether or not they have an interest in a particular property based solely on the images they see. So when taking pictures of a property for a listing you want to capture the home in its best light. And the best time to take outdoor pictures is during the twilight hours; early in the morning after sunrise or late in the day before sunset. Make sure images are straight and not too dark, nor too light. When taking indoor pictures it is important to have the right amount of light so your images will pop.

Many digital cameras and smart phones have the ability to capture video. And you can make your listing even more competitive with a video presentation of the property.

Marketing blast

You can help improve the visibility of your listings with a marketing blast to a targeted list of potential buyers. Using social media like Facebook and Twitter along with direct mail and traditional advertising will help generate more calls from interested buyers in a short period of time.

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photo credit: Ilouque via photopin (license)