A Cost-Effective Marketing Tool Real Estate Agents are Using to Reach Every Door in the Neighborhood

A marketing tool real estate agents can use to reach every door in the neighborhoodSince its introduction in 2011, Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has disrupted traditional direct mail marketing with an easy and cost effective marketing tool for real estate agents and brokers to reach every door in the neighborhoods they serve.

With EDDM, real estate agents can send attractive postcards and mailers to promote new listings, open houses, homes that recently sold and other realty services such as free home consultations to every house in the neighborhood. It’s a great way to easily increase saturation in current farming areas and break into new neighborhoods.

The streamlined process is simple and straight-forward. There are no mailing lists to purchase and a mailing permit is not required for sending less than 5,000 pieces per day, in most cases. Real estate agents can use the USPS’ online map tool to select one or more carrier routes where the mailing will be sent. Sorting results by age group and income bracket can help agents find new clients in nearby neighborhoods with similar demographics to those where they already have listings and sales from an established client base.

There is no minimum mailing requirement and the current postage rate for EDDM is $0.175 per piece, for Flats up to 3ozs. Once the carrier route has been selected, pay the postage and drop the mailing off at the destination post office. The postal carrier will deliver the mail piece to every house along the selected routes.

Although technically EDDM can be used to send mailings to distant cities, it is really designed for local use. This is because mailings need to be bundled and dropped off at the post office that serves the carrier routes in the ZIP code where the mailings are being sent. Additional paperwork and fees are necessary for the post office to transport the flats to other locations. However, there are printing and mailing services that offer EDDM services.

With its low cost and relative simplicity it may be tempting to send out large mailings. For best results, adhere to direct mail best practices such as consistent mailings and follow-ups. So choose routes that are manageable. Perhaps starting with one or two carrier routes and expanding from there.


photo credit: Joel Kramer via photopin (license)