Chicago Professional Service Parking Permit

Everything You Need to Know About the Chicago Professional Service Parking Permit for Real Estate Agents

Chicago Professional Service Parking Permit

Recently the Chicago Association of REALTORS® introduced an unlimited city parking permit for licensed broker members. Here’s what you need to know in case you’re thinking about buying the pass.

How much does the pass cost?

  • $500 per year if you live in the city. $800 if you’re in the suburbs.
  • You can’t transfer it to anyone else once purchased.

Where can I park in Chicago with this permit?

  • Anywhere in the city of Chicago that’s zoned for residential. So, if you see a “No parking unless vehicle displaying zone X” – you can confidentially park without fear of a ticket or being towed.

Any time restrictions?

  • Sadly, yes. You can’t pull up to a Cubs game, park in a zoned neighborhood, have seven Old Styles in the bleachers and then Uber it home. Well, you can do that, but your car probably won’t be there the next day when you go to retrieve it. You’re allowed to park seven days a week, but only during 9am – 9pm. After that, you’re getting towed.

Can I use it for non-real estate events?

  • Technically, no. I don’t know how they’re going to enforce that, but it’s only supposed to be used for open houses, showings, listings presentations.

How do I purchase one?

  1. Download this application form, print out, and complete each page.
  2. In addition to the application, grab your driver’s license, state ID, or passport.
  3. Also, bring your vehicle registration card.
  4. Oh, and don’t forget your licensed real estate broker pocket card.
  5. Got all four items? Good! Now, head down to Department of Finance which is located in City Hall Room 107. The actual address is 121 N LaSalle St, Chicago, IL 60602. Here’s a link to City Hall on a map.
  6. Once you get to Room 107, hand in the application and the ID. They will hand you another document called a Debt Clearance Form.
  7. Don’t leave! Go fill out the Debt Clearance Form and hand it back to the clerk.
  8. Go home and wait. Catch up on season two of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

How long does it take to receive the permit after doing everything listed above?

  • Nobody knows. And the city isn’t giving a timeline. I would think it would be reasonable to wait a few weeks. If you don’t receive anything in the mail or via email or phone, call the Department of Finance and ask.

Congrats, you’re now a genius at understanding the Chicago Professional Service Parking Permit!

  • Go to your office and brag that you “get it.” Answer questions and watch everyone drool over your knowledge. You’re a big shot!

I’m one of those people that likes to read all the fine print. Got any of that?