How to Turn a Fractured Client Relationship into a Referral

resolving client misunderstandings early results in happy clientsReal estate can be a complicated business and when you have a client who is trying to sell a property or a buyer trying to find the perfect home, emotions can run high if things don’t work out the way they expected. But mistakes can and do happen, deals can fall through and not everything will always go as planned. So, there are going to be times that despite your best efforts, a relationship with a client may begin to weaken and if not handled properly could ultimately affect your real estate career.

Find out why the client is unhappy or disappointed

To avoid making uninformed decisions, it is important that you establish the cause of a client’s discontentment. In most cases, clients will be looking for a chance to explain their position. The way you handle fractured client relationships distinguishes your reputation from the competition. On the other hand, ignoring the situation doesn’t resolve the issue and the client may get the impression that you don’t care. This will only make it more difficult, if at all, to restore a relationship with the client.

Ask the client what you can do to resolve the issue

Once you uncover the reason for a client’s dissatisfaction, it becomes easier to resolve any disagreements or misunderstandings. So if you suspect your client is unhappy, ask them what you can do to make them a happy client again. If you are not able to do what the client asks, explain the reason and offer an alternative solution. It’s easier than you think and often clients are happy that you simply took the time to listen to them.

Make a follow-up call

Now that you have restored your relationship with the client, you should periodically follow up with them to ensure they remain satisfied and feel comfortable referring you to their friends and family. Keep in mind that a telephone call or a handwritten note offers a more personal touch than simply sending an email. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with communicating through email, when you are restoring a client relationship a phone call and a handwritten note goes a long way.


photo credit: Till Westermayer via photopin (license)