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How to Figure Out Illinois Real Estate Broker License Issue Date for Continuing Education Credits

Many Illinois real estate brokers are currently wondering, “How many CE credits do I have to complete to keep my broker license active?”

A great question! Also, way more complicated than it should be.

Here’s one piece of advice 99% of the brokers I meet don’t know.

Your broker license CE credits due are not based on when you passed the IL broker exam. They’re based on when the IDFPR issued you a license. Often than can be twelve (or more) weeks after your managing broker sends your 45 day card to the state (along with your pink sheets and class transcripts).

Odds are you have no idea about your broker license issue date. That’s common and normal. 🙂

The good news is that you can look up your IL broker license issue date here! If you’re not listed it means either the state hasn’t processed your license yet or there was an issue with their paperwork. You can always contact them directly for clarification.

Once you have your issue date, head over to our handy infographic to see how many CE and post hours you need to complete to keep your IL broker license active!

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