Is your Personal Brand Attracting More Clients?

Your personal brand helps to attract more buyers and sellersAs a real estate agent, you have access to a variety of marketing tools and real estate agent programs. They are an important asset of any real estate business and they help you serve the needs of your clients. But, the one distinguishing factor that sets one agent apart from another is their reputation, identity or in other words their personal brand.

The growth of social media has resulted in personal branding being more relevant for real estate professionals today than ever before. It is the only sustainable advantage that one has over their competition. Get this right and you will become a magnet for attracting business and outperforming competitors.

Understand what personal branding is

Your brand can be described as the promise of the value both prospects and clients will receive. It is usually not about what you say about yourself, but what others have to say about you. This simply means that you have to identify all the characteristics or qualities that make you different and then promote and communicate this to others. Keep in mind that the real estate agents who have the strongest brands normally drive their business to greater heights.

Create the proper brand message

Be sure to pick the right words that will elegantly convey a brand message that prospects will remember, and most importantly, will believe in. This means that you have to study the minds of your clients to understand what really matters to them and why they chose you. You should also make sure that the brand message you portray is really who you are. This is fundamental for building trust and credibility with your personal brand.

Stay true to your brand

The main objective here is to consistently deliver on your brand message. Don’t include promises or guarantees in your message that you can’t deliver. Always include the same look and feel of your signature brand with all correspondence and marketing materials. It’s also a good idea to keep reminding clients why they chose you in the first place as this helps to create loyalty, such as additional future business and referrals.

Marketing your brand

There are a number of marketing channels that can be used to promote your personal brand. You can opt to use the traditional methods such as placing ads on TV, radio, magazines and newspapers or you can even take advantage of social media that can help increase brand awareness and ultimately attract new clients.

So, what does your brand say about you? Once you have established a reputable and trustworthy brand, it becomes much easier to attract clients. It may take some time to get it right, but the results will be worth the investment.

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