Customer Service is Key to Building Leasing Agent Career

chicago leasing agentRenters trying to find single family homes, condominiums and other types of properties to rent often turn to real estate leasing agents for assistance. In Chicago and other hot rental markets around the country, renters are facing stiff competition for rental properties due to an increase in demand over the past few years. In some cases, renters have become frustrated searching on their own to no avail. That’s why customer service and problem solving skills are not only the keys to building a successful leasing agent career, but is the differentiating factors among the competition.

Top leasing agents understand that it’s not just about renting. It’s about finding a housing solution that meets the needs of the client. This often means thinking outside the box. For example, a client may be interested in leasing a condo, but as an astute agent you discover a cute duplex that is about to become available which is in their price range and will give them more room as their family grows. Leasing agents with this kind of insight quickly become a valuable resource for clients.

Since rental inventory levels are constantly changing it is important to recognize trends in the local market. Leasing agents with finely tuned customer service skills are in a better position to develop a wide range of property contacts, negotiate favorable terms and receive referrals from clients. Thus, helping clients to find rental properties they may not be able to easily find on their own — a big advantage in markets where inventory is low and properties are leased quickly.

For millions of Americans, renting is a way of life and clients will most likely need your services again at some point in the future. While some may relocate to distant cities many simply move to other properties within the metropolitan area. Establishing relationships with property owners and managers will not only enable you to meet the unique housing needs of each client, but will also help earn referrals and repeat business for years to come.

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