Do Real Estate Listings with Virtual Tours Sell Faster?

virtual real estate tourAs you probably know by now the majority of prospective home buyers are using the internet to research properties, but what you may not realize is that nearly half are starting their property search online first, according to the National Association of Realtors®. And, this figure is only going to grow. This means that property listings need to be optimized for online visitors. A well-written description, high quality images and a professional video tour are now the essential ingredients of a listing designed to sell.

Some studies suggest that virtual video tours can help sell listed properties faster. Statistics from e-commerce website visitors closely match those of visitors to online real estate websites. So, it makes sense to take what works in the e-commerce world and adapt it to real estate. With that in mind, a study by comScore revealed that site visitors who watched an online video stayed onsite two minutes longer and were two-thirds more likely to make a purchase. That’s a very compelling argument. But, don’t take this in the literal sense. There are still plenty of listings that sell without a video tour and not having one is better than showing a poor quality video presentation.

Your goal with a listing is to create an interest in the property that motivates a potential buyer to want to see the property and a video tour can help you achieve that goal. The better you can help a buyer visualize living in the property the higher the chances are they will want it.

Also, many potential sellers often browse the internet when researching Realtors®, so providing video tours in some of your listings can give you a real estate marketing competitive advantage and even motivate sellers to list their property with you.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the necessary skills to produce the video tours yourself as there are professional videographers who will do it for you. In a future blog post, we will discuss how to create effective video tours in your spare time.

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