Why Choose 100% Real Estate Broker Commissions?

As a Chicago Real Estate Broker, your primary goal is to service your buyers, sellers, and renters. Since you work hard at developing and maintaining client relationships. We believe at Kale Realty that you earned 100% of your broker commission and are entitled to nearly all of it.

The average home nationwide takes twelve weeks from list to close. This is a lot of time and effort you put in along the way, only to be paid at the closing table. To give away 30% or more of your compensation only makes sense (in our opinion) if your brokerage firm is assisting you to build your practice. Are they providing qualified leads that actually close?

In our research we’ve found two independent studies which state that brokers on average receive 60% of their business from people they already know. This is more commonly known as referrals. If a majority of your business is referral-based, you should keep the lion’s share of the compensation!

We don’t just provide 100% commission though. We’re not the only firm in town offering this payout structure. Where we are different is in our training and coaching. We have a full-time staff of several coaches whose sole responsibility is to assist you in closing more deals. They do one-on-one  coaching along with group trainings (over twenty in total).

To learn more about our program, please visit this page!

It’s your commission – you earned it, you should keep it!

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