The Best Chicago Realtor Training Program

Whether you’re new to realtor business or have been an agent for a couple years being a successful relator in Chicago is no easy task.  That’s why we have an exclusive training program set up to guide you through every step. At Kale we believe that to make it in the real estate game mentors are necessary. We provide those mentors for you so that you can become the best Chicago realtor you can be, and as we mentioned in our last blog post, make that 100 percent commission that you deserve.

You’ve probably read a book or two by now or have researched what it takes to be a top agent. However, a book is no replacement for having someone who knows real-estate like the back of their hand talk to you in small sized classes or one on one.  Kale Realty’s coach and mentor Graham Allen, paves the way to success by teaching his three fundamentals. To learn about these fundamentals just go to our website at where you can lean about Real estate business, inventory, and client interaction. All for FREE.

In his 7 step training program Gram Allen works with you and tells you the truth about becoming an agent to so that you can learn how to market yourself, how to work with renters to find an apartment, work with landlords to find tenants. He’ll tell you the upsides and pitfalls of being a leasing agent versus getting your broker’s license, how to create healthy and productive time management habits, and how to organize your “sphere of influence.” 

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