email marketing idea

Email Marketing Idea to Get More Real Estate Buyer and Seller Leads

email marketing idea

A year ago, my girlfriend put in a request to have a comp run on her condo via a real estate website. They sold her lead to a broker. Even though she’s never talked with this broker, even a year later here’s what he’s sending to her every month.

Email she received today:


I really appreciate your reaching out to us some time ago regarding the value of your home; as a follow up, I am including some information on myself as well as some up-to-the-minute sales information pertaining to the value of your condo.

I know and live in the West Town neighborhood very well and have sold a number of units here over the years. 2 bedroom units, like yours, in this area, traded in the $X range this past year. However, in order to give a more accurate assessment of value, I would need to schedule a brief meeting for me to come by and see the unit in person.

If you’re thinking of renting out your unit, unit 2E in your building was just rented for $X.

I’d love to discuss this further with you when you have a chance, please give me a call at X.

This broker, who Beth has never once responded to, went out of his way to find out the value of her home and what the above unit rented for recently. That’s great marketing and shows initiative.

Are you doing this for all of your leads? It would take two minutes per lead per month to look up these stats and email it out.

I looked up this particular broker’s production over the past twelve months. He closed 6mm in the past year. He’s in his second year of production. Very impressive.

Please consider doing something special for ALL of your leads every month. Go beyond just waiting for them to call you.

Good luck!