Real Estate Email Marketing That Gets Prospects to Call You

real estate email marketingThere isn’t always enough time during the day for marketing activities even though it is essential for maintaining a steady flow of reliable leads in order to grow your real estate business. But savvy real estate agents who have an email marketing system in place are able to regularly stay in touch with current and past clients ultimately generating additional revenue.

Sending regular email updates to current and past clients can be a time consuming process. However, once an email marketing system is established it works automatically in the background motivating prospects to call you. So instead of letting your leads go to waste, you can funnel them from your website, phone calls, open houses, networking events and other sources into an email marketing system.

Auto responder services like MailChimp (Free and paid plans) and Aweber (From $19/mo.) are easy to use and save time by automating much of the process. You simply upload your leads, create a series of customized email messages and select when they should be sent. For even greater control, you can segment an email list into specific groups such as buyers and sellers and current and previous clients, for example. This allows you to send targeted messages to specific groups without having to individually select each recipient.

Get prospective clients to call you

The key to motivating prospective clients to call you is to communicate with them regularly demonstrating your added value. And, an email marketing system is one way to do just that. The advantage of using an auto responder service is the ability to develop an entire email marketing campaign containing a series of messages that are automatically sent according to a predetermined schedule. So message one will be sent on day zero, message two will be sent three days later, message three will be sent ten days later and so on. The system also provides a variety of useful reports that are helpful in understanding the way clients are interacting with the messages throughout the campaign. This gives a good idea as to which emails are performing best.

Be professional, courteous and consistent

An email marketing system can help real estate agents maximize their leads, increase commissions and remain productive. While consistency and repetition is an important part of a successful email marketing campaign, be careful to avoid sending too many messages in a short time period or they may become annoyed and unsubscribe from your list.
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