The Key to More Effective Listing Appointments

effective-sales-presentationsListings are the life-blood of any real estate business and positioning yourself as the local market expert is the key to more effective listing appointments. Many, if not most, potential sellers will use the Internet to educate themselves about the market before contacting an agent or broker. There is a lot of “noise” and conflicting information that can easily cause confusion, so you will want to prepare a listing presentation with a customized market analysis that includes comparable sales and the number of days on market. This helps sellers understand local market forces affecting home prices in their neighborhood and eliminates surprises down the road. Make it easy for the client to understand.

Build rapport with clients and be sure to provide them with honest answers to all of their questions. It is not uncommon for many home sellers to believe their home is worth more than what comparables illustrate. Therefore, it is important for Realtors® to help them understand that the values they see displayed on a variety of Internet sites may not be entirely accurate as they generally do not reflect the actual condition of the home, upgrades or repairs, and contract terms, among other factors, that may have influenced the selling price.

Demonstrate your added-value, i.e. how you plan to sell their home. This is also known as your marketing plan. In other words, it is what the seller can expect you to do in return for the commission such as advertising, home staging, open houses, networking, etc. It is important to keep in mind that sellers do not need Realtors® to simply list their home for sale. They need the best real estate agents and brokers who will sell their home at the best possible price.

Strive to under-promise and over-deliver. During the listing appointment you want to get across the unique qualifications and advantages that distinguish you from the competition and why you are the best agent to meet their needs. When you are well prepared in advance with an organized presentation and approach you are certain to have more effective listing appointments with no shortage of listings and referrals.

photo credit: Henri Bergius via photopin cc

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