Best Apps and Websites for Real Estate Agents

If you are looking for ways to market yourself as a real estate agent here are a ton of websites and even new technology can make your life easier. Staying up to date in trends and market analysis is important as well as using all the tools available to you so that you can get your name out there. Home buyers and renters are searching for answers to their renting and buying questions across multiple digital platforms such as the internet and smartphone apps.

Even though it’s exciting to make start making those commissions, step back and put yourself in your client’s shoes.  And what do you want as a client? People want results, quickly and easily. People are busier than ever and constantly on the go. According to the Realtors Digital House Hunt, “89% of new home owners use a mobile search engine.” their cell phone is one of the top resources people use to find out up to date listings and information. Here is a few ways you can use technology and the internet as Real estate agent in Chicago can get yourself to the top of the market.

Craigslist Ads: If you have attended any classes at Kale’s Real Estate School in Chicago with Graham they will tell you the importance posting on Craigslist. With each and every post you are heightening your advantage of visibility to potential clients.

Zillow & Trulia: If you’re new to leasing signing up with Zillow can save you a lot of headache and get you a lot more listing access. The best part for clients is that Zillow comes in an app which makes it easier than ever for them to find those listings and to find you. Updated with the latest I0S7 Iphone software, both feature mortgage calculators that can equate a potential client’s home buying potential as well, so that you know exactly what to look for.

MLS: The MLS system allows you to see listings and to list across multiple platforms for maximum outreach. It also has up to date market analysis on trends, area market survey and statistics, custom flyers, payment calculator and much more at your disposal. Be aware that you have to be a part of CAR to sign up for the MLS.

Supra Key: This take out the major inconvenience and hassle that comes with showings. Supra key connects to your smartphone and not only saves your entire client listing information but is able to electronically open the lockboxes at a push of your button. The world is becoming a greener place and with this app you can sign documents, disclosures, and make offers all on your smartphone. Trulia also gives great advice to make sure everyone reads the documents enclosed before signing.

Walk Score: This is another app that is good for a realtor and or client to use. If you don’t know the walkability to the nearest transportation or grocery score this will tell you. That way instead of guessing you tell your client the exact facts.

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